Stanley Nov - NYC Family Photographer | Vanina and her beautiful family in Central Park, NYC (children photography)
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This beautiful family of 6 didn’t know we exit nor did they search for a professional photographer in New York. They do, however, have amazing friends that wanted to give them something truly special to document their lives in the NYC before they moved to another state. These friends pulled together and purchased a gift certificate with a very generous print package. We guided them through the process and even added a little gift from us for good sprit. A few weeks later we met in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to start the photo session. They weather was dreary and gloomy and even though everyone was in good mood I remember the tension. We joked that lack of sun is the best time to take photographs outside but I’m not sure if my comforting was sufficient. Being a photographer for 10+ years it’s easy to imagine what the final product will look like even on a gray and dull day like we had.

The session only took 90 minutes but it was highly energetic and fun. We walked form the MET through Central Park and through Boat House to land on the Sheep Meadow for awesome family portraits. Everyone loved being outside, creating timeless photographs and having fun. I was a bit jealous that no one ever took photographs like that of my own family but hey, maybe one day my friends will get a gift certificate for us :)

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