Stanley Nov - NYC Family Photographer | 10 Tips for Children Photography (Tip 9) - Use natural light

10 Tips for Children Photography (Tip 9) - Use natural light

June 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello dear readers. We’ve received some positive feedback about the previous tip and today we’re posting the next piece of advice for armature photographers.

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This week's tip number 9:

Use natural light whenever possible

  • Great light makes great pictures .. try to understand the effects of light in your pictures.
  • Many of our customers are anxious about photo session during cloudy days. We put their worries to rest by explaining that overcast days provide the best lighting for pictures of people. Bright sun creates hard shadows, forces babies to squint and is generally unpleasant in photographs. On overcast days, like a huge softbox, the soft light flatters faces.
  • For dramatic pictures, which we are not big fans of, photograph the baby outside in early or late daylight to include the drama of long shadows and color.
  • Indoors, try turning off the flash or using an external flash. These are not expensive but create a "professional" looking photographs because they won't cast hard shadows. We typically try to use the light coming in from a window to give your baby a soft, almost glowing appearance.

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