Stanley Nov - NYC Family Photographer | 10 Tips for Children Photography (Tip 10) - Take pictures frequently

10 Tips for Children Photography (Tip 10) - Take pictures frequently

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Hello dear readers. We’ve received some positive feedback about the previous tip and today we’re posting the next piece of advice for armature photographers.

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This week's tip number 9:

Take pictures frequently

  • Babies change so fast - start In the delivery room. then make sure you capture all the milestones before they become history - the first smile, the first bath, the first tooth, the first step.
  • Keep your camera handy! You never know when your little one will learn a new trick or show a new emotion!
  • Show a day In the life of baby. From the waking stretch to the evening’s yawns, track your child for one full day. You’ll have a series you’ll cherish for years to come.
  • Try to take a picture with the same setup each year. It is a great way to build a timeline over the years and watch your child grow.

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