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Ohhh, those unbelievable first days when newborns are still curling up naturally and sleeping through anything, those tiny hands and feet, hugging anything they’ll touch those sweet little noses and ears deserving of our deepest affection …. we, at Stanley Nov Photography, will ensure those moments stay in your hart forever by creating timeless photographs. Most of our clients choose to have their newborn photography sessions at our comfortable studio on Long Island but we also do at-home sessions if you’re more comfortable not traveling those first few weeks.

Comfort, safety and the quality of work you’ll receive are our priorities. Our studio has all the amenities to make your and your spouse feel relaxed while we concentrate on the photography. We’ve even had a few hubbies get some nap time while Stanley is hard at work designing the sets and creating photographs. A typical newborn session can take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours to provide you the baby ample time for feeding, soothing and napping. We will NEVER rush you.

As a customer you’ll appreciate a free consultation with pre-session preparation tips, and, we also offer gift certificates if the session is for your friend or family member. We look forward to hearing from you either at info@stanleynov.com or by phone at our studio (347) 394-3474

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